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JHL - COW Talk For the COW Person

Herd Management Decisions
6. Ultrasound

While selection processes at the JHL seek to take advantage of marketing opportunities, hide color is not stressed as an overall priority. We believe that as far as the final product is concerned, it isn't "the wrapping" that's important.

 Ultrasound technology allows a look under the hide giving a snapshot of the genetic carcass traits the animal is expressing. If the ultrasound shows the animal has the meat characteristics we are looking for, at the very least the animal has the potential to pass these expressed genetics on to its progeny. The JHL began selecting bulls by ultrasound measurements in 1993 and its replacement heifers in 2004.

IllusionBecause of the narrowing margins in the feedlot, the JHL incorporated ultrasound technology first in 1995 and consistently since 2000.

This feedlot technology has allowed us to provide a finished product better than the "gate cut".

With ultrasound an individual animals' time on feed can be tailored, allowing optimization of that animal's specific genetic potential - not over or under feeding them.

Ultrasound also provides us better data reference to the dam's and sire's potential.

Costly grid "outs" have also been limited.

Soli Deo Gloria


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