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The JHL ranch is located in the Southwest corner of what is known as the Nebraska Sandhills. The Sandhills and the ranch were first settled in the 1880s. Previous to that time the 'hills' were thought of as uninhabitable due to the harsh climate and blowing sand. But with gradual climactic changes the last one hundred years (more moisture) and careful grazing practices the Nebraska Sandhills have become one of the premier grazing areas in the United States.

The Sandhills, while semi-arid on the surface, reside over one of the largest underground fresh water reservoirs in the world. The JHL ranch "floats" on over approximately 15,000,000 acre/feet of water. A unique geological attribute is that the headwaters of 12 creeks and streams are located within 15 miles of JHL borders. This is an area that is almost literally a fountain of water.

Between the abundance of groundwater and the approximate 200-250 feet hill height, enough pressure is provided to power "flows" (artesian springs). You had also better be aware of where you dig in our meadows, as you will Winter in the Sandhills - Courtesy J. Duceyprobably find water in the hole you dig. It could possibly be said the Sandhills are the biggest filtration system in the world.

Through intentional stewardship practices the meadows and pastures on the JHL have never seen broadcast inorganic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. It makes possible the future raising of organic livestock on the JHL.

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