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JHL Genetics

Breeding Program


The JHL is first, and foremost a commercial cattle enterprise.  From more than 15 years of tracking individual cows herd performance and their progeny to the rail, we know that for us and our industry to be successful we must provide a quality product that works on the ranch and rail.


We are a cow driven operation.  This means that we recognize the cow is queen of the ranch and must work (on her own without human intervention) and produce efficient replacement heifers and calves that can efficiently convert forage to high quality meat efficiently.


As evidenced by the awards we have received (See History) the combination of Angus and Braunvieh genetics works well.  It works both on the rail and on the ranch.


From that premise we have expanded our operation.  After tracking our results, DNA and AI information for more than 18 years, we have purchased one of our seedstock supplier’s herds.


The Doeschot’s Golden Link herd, the original USA imported herd, had been managed utilizing today’s technology BEFORE today’s technology was mainstream.  Ultrasound and measurements were provided and utilized in their program years before it was required by the breed associations.  Golden Link was emphasizing the importance of efficiency and functionality before it became the catch phrase of the industry


Our intent in this late 2008 purchase is to maintain the direction that was pursued by Golden Link.  Cattle that can be used in the crossbreeding programs of producers who understand that heterosis means a lot more than big growth.  To us it also means, more importantly, a sustainable efficient mama cow.


Much of the success in our commercial program has been due to the fact that we do not have to push the limits of EPDs.  We can rely on heterosis to bring us fertility, efficiency, longetivity and the will to live.


Our Braunvieh seedstock program will pursue and intertwine proven Braunvieh genetics in order that other cross breeders will be able to see and utilize the same type of sound functional calves calves that we have experienced from the ranch to the rail since 1991.


Know that in the future, when we are offering Braunvieh genetics they will be the result of birth to harvest data since 1991.  Our intent is to produce the best possible balanced genetics from the mama cow on through to the rail.






Two breeds used on the JHL and their strengths:





Continental (a pure breed)
Muscling Ability
Extreme Adaptability
Correct Structure
High Libido and Longevity
High Marbling Ability
Moderate Size
Excellent Udders
Excellent Volume

Early Puberty

English (a pure breed)
Broad Genetic Selection
High Fertility
Mothering Ability
Energetic Calves
High Marbling Ability
Early Maturity
Commercial Marketability
EPD Data Base

Each cow's progeny is studiously traced back to the cow for fertility, herd stay-ability and carcass traits. Our data indicates the following:


High Fertility
High Adaptability
Improved Structure & Soundness
Improved Volume
Improved Udders

Improved Longevity
Improved Marbling
Improved Muscling
Hybrid Vigor
Moderate Mature Size

In carcass traits (marbling, rib-eye size, and yield grade) the Braunvieh-sired have consistently out performed Angus-sired by 5%.

The yearly Great Western Beef Expo contest in Sterling, Colorado, The Empire Beef Days in Kansas consistently validate our findings and confirms the ability of the Braunvieh to develop superior carcasses with excellent efficiency.

Soli Deo Gloria


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