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JHL - COW Talk For the COW Person

Herd Management Decisions
7. Spot DNA

DNAIn 1997 we began to using DNA to enhance the tracking of our genetics.

 In multi-sire pastures, DNA testing allows the discovery of an individual animal's paternity. Sampling the outliers in approximately the top and bottom 5% of harvest has allowed discovery of collectable (for use in Artificial Insemination) and cull bulls.

DNA has been used to identify sires of outliers (spot uses) for: calving ease, health problems, and replacement heifers.

The industry has begun using DNA for numerous other traits (marbling, tenderness, growth horn/polled, etc). At this point in time while the JHL finds the data very intriguing and exciting we are not utilizing this technology.  We are not selecting against it but we are selecting for it. The reason is that currently this data does not provide complete answers.  This means the sites found do not account for the full 100% of these traits.  Additionally little research has been done (nor is there much incentive) on any negative attributes that might be associated with these newly discovered DNA sites.

DNA is a technology with a bright future.

Soli Deo Gloria


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