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The JHL is not content to tread along in the footsteps of its past nor is it automatically throwing out the baby with the bath water.

TODAY work is continuing on four different product lines. Each of these product lines is fully integrated and inseparable from the other:

The production of:

-          high quality replacement cows

-          high quality replacement bulls and

-          an eating experience that will meet and exceed the needs of discriminating customers

We have these products in mind whether we are selling to the rancher involved in a business with diminishing margins or the supermarket shopper.

TODAY. Ensure that the products are raised in as natural a setting as possible. The JHL management plan does not include man-made broadcast herbicides/pesticides or fertilizers. The underlying ground water is as naturally filtered, pure and clear as anywhere on earth.

TODAY. Utilize humane livestock handling practices to provide a high quality product without blemish.

Cutting MeatTODAY. Stay abreast of technology to provide quality and ensure a safe meat supply for you. Careful supervision from breeding to processing has been occurring since 1995.

TODAY.  Deliver products through suppliers that meet the individual needs of YOU - our customer. Organic or not, hormone free or not, lean, marbled, young, aged, grass fed or corn-fed, dry aged or vacuum packed - you can have it your way.

TODAY. Raise cattle that provide the country - the world, with a distinct, tasty, enjoyable, nutritious, eating experience. JHL BEEF has been sold as supermarkets' own private label meats in Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska and numerous other areas of the country.

TOMORROW. Aim to be better managers with better genetics and better growing processes than today!

The closer YOU, our customer, are to being involved in the process the more accountable we must be. This is not necessarily the way of the past, or the way of present, but we believe it is the correct way.  We welcome your involvement and interest.

Beef - It's What's For Dinner!We believe that to do beef right we must first start with the correct genetics. (See our COW TALK section). Our beef program is clearly aimed at what we like to eat. Our preference is for a quality grade of High Choice (lots of small fat flecks within the meat). High Choice gives you a high probability the meat will be tender enough that it can't be easily ruined on the grill or stove. Even when the majority of the intra-muscular fat is cooked out it will still be juicy, fork tender and will have the distinctive beef flavor. High Choice beef comes at a premium because it occurs in about 15% or less of the animals processed. We also like our beef dry aged 21-28 days.



Soli Deo Gloria


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