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Beef & the Global Market
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Cattle excel at converting grasses, which are inedible to man, into nutrient-rich protein. At the most basic level, man's utilization of cattle fulfills dietary protein requirements. The romantic vision of the Old West is definitely not engendered in the phrase "fulfills dietary protein requirements". This phrase is antiseptic and describes a need that could be taken care of by swallowing a couple of protein filled pills.

The JHL's goal is in complete contrast to this. Shouldn't the cattle industry disassociate itself as far as it possibly can from "protein in a pill", pork and chicken? This separation could be done with forethought applied at every point from genetic selections to retail displays.

Illusion While niches will remain in this country for those providing beef protein, world economics in the foreseeable future will dictate that the United States will not be able to compete unprotected on a per-pound basis by just producing protein. The US cattle industry, to achieve profitability, will need to provide something different than "pounds" of protein. In contrast to a protein pill, we feel the industry should be focused on providing a "safe, pleasurable eating experience". Effective marketing involves our putting on the mindset of our customers and understanding what holds value for them in eating experience.

Soli Deo Gloria

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