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JHL COW Talk for COW Person

Fat and Marbling

The distinctive taste of beef originates from the intra-muscular adipose (a Politically Correct term for fat). Momentum is running against fat. American consumers have been misinformed for a generation regarding the “dangers" of animal based fats and the need to select meat without the flecks of white.

Compare grocery stores from 30 years ago to those today.  It is not the meat   aisle that has expanded in floor space.  In stark contrast entire aisles are now devoted to starch and sugar based foods. The American public's belt lines have expanded accordingly in the past 30 years. What drove this change?

We did.

We relishing snack foods and the corporations relish providing them.  Snack foods provide great profit by adding value to inexpensive grains.

Marbling is Beautiful!

Marbling is beautiful. Please repeat after me: MARBLNG IS BEAUTIFUL..

Intra-muscular fat is the most delicate, difficult to produce value-added enhancement the beef industry can offer.

In fact it is exactly what the North American beef industry can offer to set itself apart from the low cost producers of the world.

It is best accomplished naturally. Stress, environmental and genetic extremes  generally work against the ability to provide marbling.

At the JHL, adequate marbling ranks second only behind the sustainability of the cow.  

Soli Deo Gloria


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