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JHL - COW Talk For the COW Person


The illustrations you see in the COW TALK for the COW MAN section are commonly known as eye tricks. In reality what you “SEE” is ONLY an illusion of the mind.

 In case you are thinking that these are nothing but children's games, PhD work has been done to identify and explain them, but more importantly - they DO exist.

Each of these illustrations misleads our minds into thinking that one item appears longer or larger or uneven compared to another ………….Illusion- ……….when in reality it's the opposite of what our mind through our eyes tell us (put a ruler to the illustrations). Eyes and minds can and do deceive us.  If you don’t like being fooled find a measuring stick, whether that might be EPDs, Ultrasound, DNA, Linear Measurements or a scale head.

The JHL's efforts are a pursuit of reality.

The various measurements we have implemented form a verifiable basis of appraising an animal's proportions, attributes or how it performs.

NO HYPE – JUST REALITY.        In this world, that can be refreshing

Soli Deo Gloria


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