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JHL - COW Talk For the COW Person

Herd Management Decisions
3. Disposition and Phenotype

In looking at the entire process a feeder animal travels we believe that the days of "cowboy n' up" are limited. Herd disposition is becoming more and more important in the profit-loss columns. Easy to handle cattle provide moreIllusion personal safety on the ranch, less corral building, healthier and more efficient cattle in the feedlot, higher quality grades and more consistency in the cooler. One of the simple tests we use on all potential replacement heifers judges how large each individual animal's comfort zone is when interacting with humans. They are culled accordingly.Employees are introduced to these concepts in cattle handling seminars.

Correct bone structure seems an obvious requirement for the long-term perpetuation of a breed. Legs and feet propel the foraging animals around their environment; take them to their next image001.jpgmouthful and allow them to easily cover a hot cow. If structure is compromised, sustainability is compromised, calves are compromised. We measure because what we miss, we know the environment wonít. Sore-footed, stiff-legged bulls donít breed cows; sore-footed or stifled cows become thin and are culled.

Soli Deo Gloria


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