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Ranch History for the JHL

[JHL Ranch country.]

First Settlement

The General Land Office of the United States did surveys in the latter 1870s for JHL Country. This survey prepared maps which show general land features, and also prepared a notebook about the survey work, moving the chain lines, doing a general description of the township and range section and other notes of their interest.

James Stansbie and Thomas Stansbie made their land claims in March, 1888. Other members of the Stansbie Family also had their Cherry county claims.

JHL Country Landmarks and Ranches

The JHL was established in the Mother Lake country in 1888. The land became range with its landmarks and oldtime ranches. Postoffices were established, then discontinued.

In the News

• Roundup Started at Hyannis in 1892
• Featured in the Community News in the 1890s
• Stansbie Brothers in Hyannis 1894
Destructive Prairie Fires on the Range in 1894

Live Stock Brand and Range

[Thomas Stansbie brands.]

• Thomas Stansbie, Hyannis. Range: Mother and Indian Lakes

[James Stansbie brands.]

• James A. Stansbie, Hyannis. Range: Mother and Indian Lakes - Same brands on right side of some cattle.

[Robert Stansbie brands.]

• Robt. A. Stansbie, Hyannis. Range: Mother and Big Alkali Lakes

• W.E. Stansbie and D.O. Baugh, Hyannis. Range: 23 miles north of Hyannis - On left hip and left side. Also [brand] on left hip and left side; horses same brands on shoulders.
From the Grant County Tribune prior to 1900.

1900 Census Records

Allen StansbieElizabeth StansbieThomas Stansbie

The Jewish Settlement

The passage of the Kinkaid Act brought new settlers to claim their 640 acres. The Jewish Agricultural Society sponsored a settlement near the JHL starting in 1908.

Spade Ranch Neighbors

[Tom Thumb with rider Bixby.]

"36- No one could ride gray gelding Tom Thumb at JHL ranch. Foreman Ted Bos and cowboys Benson and Kalber eared him down; Lawrence [Bixby] rode a warm-up with surcingle, then won his $100 bet by saddling Tom Thumb and riding him home, 1916." — Lawrence Bixby, Preserver of the Old Spade Ranch, VanAckeren and Howard, 1995.

JHL Area History